Revive Gel Pads


Set of replacement gel pads designed for the Slendertone ReVive Muscle Conditioner.

Our medical-grade & FDA cleared gel pads are essential for you to conduct electrical pulses to targeted nerves and muscles.

We recommend replacing them every 20-30 sessions.

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Revive Gel Pads


Latex-free and Anti-allergenic 
The pads are constructed with highly anti-allergenic, medical grade ‘hydrogel’, which uses water as a conductor between your muscles and the electronic studs on your training device.

Biocompatibility-tested, medical grade hydrogel minimises the risk of irritation (even on sensitive skin).

How long will they last?
The adhesive properties of your pads eventually expire, which is why we recommend replacing them every 20-30 sessions. 


Replaceable ReVive gel pads.
Protective plastic covers (keep these to protect your pads after each toning session)